Sandwich panels

The term sandwich can be traced back to the Earl of Sandwich from the 18th century. In order not to get his fingers dirty while playing cards, he stuck meat or cheese between two slices of bread.

Sandwich boards consist of a core material (foam, honeycombs, etc.) and cover layers glued on both sides. Both the core material and the cover layers are responsible for ensuring mechanical strength. It should be mentioned that the ratio of face sheets to core material must be correct. The core material must have a high inherent rigidity so that the distance between the facings remains constant when the sandwich construction is bent.


  • Plate sizes 8000 x 2550 x 120

  • Cover layers of GFK

  • Core material PUR, PVC, PET and honeycombs

  • inserts of wood, steel, aluminium or plastic possible




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Sandwich panels - Vehicle construction