RIM / RTM / RTM light
X-ray table - Medical technology
X-ray table - Medical technology

Windscreen interchangeable frame system
Windscreen interchangeable frame system

Rail vehicles
Rail vehicles

X-ray table - Medical technology
X-ray table - Medical technology


(Resin Injektion Moulding / Resin Transfer Moulding)

RIM and RTM are used to produce large, glass-fibre reinforced polyester parts (usually in sandwich construction). This requires double moulds, which are usually made of GFK. Injection and infusion procedures can also be carried out very well with silicone bags or foil.



This technique allows design and manufacturing problems to be predicted and corrected at an early stage of development, even before the actual injection molding process begins. This shortens the development process, avoids additional costs for tool changes and reduces the time to market.

  • Skirts and roofs - Railway vehicles

  • Fronts - rail vehicles

  • Floor elements incl. heating

  • X-ray tables - Medical technology

  • Shuttering parts - Medical technology

  • Carbon parts - Medical technology

  • Wind power plant - apparatus engineering

  • Air ducting - Electrical industry


...and much more

Vacuum infusion at aXpel composites AG (Link to video)



  • Large parts with smooth surface on both sides

  • Good weathering resistance 

  • High stiffness and load-bearing functions 

  • high process repeatability

  • relatively short cycle times

  • Applicable also for large series