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aXpel composites AG Hottwil

Since 1962, the company has successfully processed fibre-reinforced plastics into technical mouldings (casings, housings, vehicle parts, insulators, etc.) for various branches of industry - including medical technology with its high-tech equipment. Almost every day you can see a product of aXpel composites AG in Hottwil. Do you need larger series? No problem!

Competencies and processing methods

For glass fibre reinforced plastics GFK / FVK / CFK

Construction & Development

We attach great importance to economically and ecologically sensible constructions. We can guarantee you this through our sound specialist knowledge and many years of experience.

Hand laminate

Hand laminate is the oldest process for the production of glass fibre reinforced plastics. A mould (wood, PU or GFK) is required and is cold-hardened in the hand lamination process.

RIM / RTM / RTM Light

RIM and RTM are used to produce large-area, glass-fibre reinforced polyester parts (usually in sandwich construction).

Wet pressing

For the production of wet pressed parts, 2-part moulds, punches and dies as well as a press with the appropriate pressing pressure are required.

Carbon fibres / Carbon

Parts made of CFK (carbon fibre reinforced plastics) can be manufactured using various processes:

Polyrethane - low pressure casting

If the unit price in hand laminate is too high or the tooling costs at SMC are too expensive, PUR low-pressure die casting is the ideal interim solution.

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News & Events

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The certification according to the new quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 is an important milestone in the success story of aXpel composites AG.

Advanced composites

aXpel wernli composites AG becomes

aXpel composites AG.


We have been acting as aXpel composites AG since June 30, 2020 and are a full member of the aXpel group of companies.


Modul bridge

The first CARBO modular bridge is installed in Zug. A next one will follow soon.